Use this beam with dropped spindles for a 3″ – 9″ drop.

Its almost 20 years since CE produced the Worlds first Production all new Bus Beam. During that period we have refined and developed the design to what we have today. We believe is the best product of its kind available.
All our beams incorporate CAD, CAM and CNC laser technology to make each part fit and work perfectly. Our beams are renowned for the quality of the welding which is executed to the highest standard in house in our latest precision jigs. This insures a perfect fit and maximum integrity

The walk through bus has additional steel reinforcing below the cab floor which reduces the space available for the upper air mount. The result is a 38 mm difference between Walkthrough and Bulkhead models.

Our IFS Quad drive system is another World first for CE. By eliminating the original VW Torsion Bars and twin retaining bar method, this system gives 100% Air Only suspension. Utilising 4 Ball bearings, 4 Needle Roller Bearings and 4 Thrust Ball bearings, it offers super smooth height changes a great ride

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 40 x 100 x 50 cm