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Our Electric Assisted Power Steering (EAPS) system is designed to work with our CE Rack and Pinion Steering (R&P) kits and is a direct bolt in replacement for the solid column that is included as standard in our R&P kit.  

We would like to point out that we are not suggesting that you “need” or “must have” one of these kits with our R&P kit. There are several thousand customers around the World driving with our standard R&P kit who would confirm EAPS is not a necessity.   The reason for offering it as an option is because that all modern cars have either hydraulic PS or the more recent fuel saving Electric Assisted Power Steering (EAPS.) Anyone under the age of 30 may never have driven a car without PS. If you are old enough to remember cars changing from Steering Boxes to Steering Racks in the 70’s, you may remember most had no PS at all. PS was introduced on the more expensive Marques until eventually in the 80-90’s just about every car had PS as standard. Many people today find the experience of driving an old vehicle without PS daunting. It is for these customers that we offer this system. In addition, if you suffer from an injury or a disability you will also find it very helpful. Finally, if you have wide low-profile tires you may just need help.

Our EAPS columns are programmed to give very light steering when parking and drops away as you increase speed to around 20mph where assistance is extremely slight. If you wanted your T2 to feel like a T4/T5 this is the answer! It is expensive but it will transform your bus more than any other modification we know. Our Electric Motor is a Generic model used in millions of current vehicles around the World. It plugs into a pre-programmed ECU which has been developed exclusively for us by the UK’s leading Motor Sport Electronics company DC Electronics. Custom fine tuning is made available to the user through a hidden potentiometer. All connecting shafts and joints are CAD/CAM produced to the highest Motor Sport quality. A simple wiring loom consisting of power and Earth  are included in the kit.  All mounting brackets are CNC Laser cut for pin point accuracy and consistent fit. It is not a difficult installation and would normally take about 2-3 hours after our R&P steering kit has been installed. We supply full fitting instructions and a 12 months warranty is of course included. 

We have produced over 250 EAPS units over a 10 year period so have a lot of experience with them.

We build these EAPS systems  to order only as they are a low volume.  A fully refundable 50% deposit is required to proceed with your order. Delivery is expected to be approx. 10-12 weeks when your 50% balance will be required.

A discount of £100 off the EAPS kit is offered if you buy our Steering Rack Kit at the same time in lieu of the solid column.
A discount of £50 will be given to customers who already have our steering system installed.

There is no point in fitting one of these systems to an existing worn steering box. Not only will it not fit without welding, we know of customers who have done this and been terrified of driving the bus at the lower speeds as the vagueness is pronounced and harder to predict.

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Dimensions 90 × 40 × 30 cm