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We started selling these Indirect Servos about 8 years ago and at that time and indeed today, it is the only Indirect Dual Circuit Servo that we have come across any where in the World. The beauty of it is that you can mount it anywhere on the bus you have space. It is driven hydraulically by a standard master cylinder which is driven by your pedal. We have known them to be fitted in front of the front beam, behind it (our favourite as there is a lot of wasted space there) in the engine bay opposite your battery, or on stock height buses on the chassis rails.

We recommend the use of a disc brake master cylinder to power this indirect servo and we have found that the most commonly used T2 Bay Servo Master Cylinder works well with it. There is a good chance you may already be using that one on your disc braked non servo’d bus.

We have provided Plumbing charts on page 39 of our online catalogue to show you how it works.

Please note that the 2 inlet and 2 outlets, strangely for a European product, are NOT METRIC.
They are 3/8 24 SAE. If you wind in an incorrect Male union you will damage the thread and almost certainly leak. We, nor the UK importer, will replace the servo if this happens. The expensive unit will be scrap so be very careful. We are trying to supply these fittings with every unit to prevent this from happening but it only takes the fitter to loose one and pick up a metric item Be sure who ever installs this part understands this.

Secondly, the 3/8″24 SAE Male Unions need to be Long not the standard size most commonly used throughout most vehicles.

This is a great product and we have not had any trouble with the units we have sold. I have one on my own
Single Cab Pick Up.


Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 50 cm