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Many hundreds of satisfied customers around the World  are driving around trouble free with our IRS kit.  This kit offers the best geometry and engineering available.  Others will offer  you clamp on kits. If it was such a greeat idea we would have been selling them for years !  These are not hard  to install so why not do the job properly and add value to your bus  by fitting the kit everybody really wants.

Our IRS Kit consists of the following parts;

1 pr Chassis Legs,   1pr new Swing Arms,    1pr  Adjustable Spring Plates,   1 pr Shock Mounts,    1 Bolt Kit.

You will need to supply;

68 and up Bug IRS transmission, 1 pr 68-79 bay bus CV joints, 1 Pr 1968 & Up Bug CV Joints, 1 pr 476mm Long 1968-79 Bay Bus Drive Shaft and 1 Pr 1968-69 Bay Bus 205 Pcd Hubs Inc Drums


With your engine, transmission and fuel tank out, it should take you about  2 hours to  remove and clean up your chassis ready for welding in our new chassis  legs.  I would expect you to take another 1/2 hour  to measure and position the new chassis legs and tack them.  Spend another 10 minutes checking everything  still measures  correctly  before a few minutes of final welding.  A coat of paint on the chassis legs and your ready to bolt everything in. SIMPLE !


Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 100 × 40 × 35 cm