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About your King & Link Pin Spindles.
The steering in your Split Bus is a simple system that will last for years if maintained by regular greasing. The numerous parts form a chain of command that transmit input and output under use. If any one part is worn its wear will be transmitted through all the other parts. It is therefore sensible that any worn items should be replaced as soon as possible whenever wear is detected. If your carrying out a complete restoration on a Split bus our recommendation is that every steering component is replaced.

Why choose Creative Engineering to rebuild your Spindles ?With approximately 20 years of experience, we have the knowledge and all the fixtures and tooling required to do the job accurately and without damage. All our Rebuilt Spindles are covered with a 3 year guarantee covering our workmanship and parts.*

What do you do to my Spindles?

Lots. Firstly, we do not do offer an exchange service. We only rebuild your supplied spindles. We can rebuild any T2 spindle from 1954-1967 in either Stock or Dropped form providing they fall within certain tolerances.
Our first inspection is purely a visual one. We inspect the inner and outer Bearing surfaces for wear and check that any threads are not damaged. We can Clean up the threads but we will not heat or weld the threaded area. If we are not happy with either of the above’s condition we will contact you and advise you that a replacement spindle/spindles is/are required. (sourced by customer). This is normally a rare event and we have never had both spindles rejected. (yet !) When we are happy to continue, we will give them a basic clean up by hand and proceed to completely dismantle them. The next check is for alignment of the Upper and Lower Bosses. If you have very slight misalignment, we can normally correct it. If that doesn’t work we will advise you that a new spindle should be sourced. (by customer) This is a very rare occurrence. With both spindles having passed all the checks, we can proceed with the build.

Next we take your 2 Spindles and 2 King Pin Spacers and give them a deep clean. We then supply 2 Brand new Upper king pins* and 2 Brand new Lower king pins* all of which will be degreased and acid etched prior to being individually Black Gloss powder coated. Only after this has been completed do we start assembly. (We never assemble your spindles in a rusty or grease & dirt covered condition. Neither do we spray over them and their new rubber seals and grease nipples with black aerosol !) During the assembly we add 4 New King Pin Bushes, 4 new Thrust washers, 8 new genuine VW rubber seals and 8 New grease nipples are installed. On standard height spindles new Cone Stop Bolts are fitted. (These cannot be used on dropped spindles). Grease is fired through all nipples to check for a clear grease flow. New Stainless Steel grease retaining caps are also installed. Your spindles are then tested for correct operation and when we are happy their done !

As you might be gathering we are very fussy over rebuilding spindles. We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality rebuilt spindles money can buy and believe they exceed original factory standard. Because of this, all our Rebuilt Spindles carry a 3 year guarantee on our workmanship and parts**.
Your rebuilt spindles will be returned to you normally by UPS tracked service. We endeavour to turn round your spindles in approx 7-14 working days.


*We no longer machine your old Upper and Lower King pins and machine new oversized bronze bushes as the cost of doing so exceeds the cost of new items which at present are available.
** The only reason for King Pin bushes to wear out in 3 years is lack of grease. Please regrease your spindles at least once a year or every 3000 miles. Dry bushes will not be covered by our warranty.

Optional brand new link pin kits available too.

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 40 cm