We only deliver this seat bed to the UK due to its size and weight

This Rock and Roll Seat bed  is designed to sit  centrally in the back of your bus on our recomended flooring *.   It is 1455mm overall width with a cushion width of 1330mm.  When it is converted to a bed, it will give you almost 6 feet  of length to lie on



We only deliver this seat bed to the UK due to its size and weight

We have been making Rock “n” Roll Seat Beds for over 15 years. During that time they have gone through various changes in an effort to get the perfect design.
The difference between our design and our competitors, is the design of the all steel mounting base and the way our seat ”Snaps” into the seat position.
Delivered as a “Flat Pack” kit, the base is assembled from 4 pieces of CNC Laser cut and folded panels that when bolted together and then to the floor, produce a rock solid stable platform on which the back and base transform from seat to bed and back again is a matter of seconds.
To stop the bed rattling, we have built in an “over the centre” hinge design that “snaps” the assembly into position. The base of the seat can easily be lifted to access items stored under it. Every part of the assembly is de greased before receiving a coat of acid etched primer and a top coat of Electrostatically applied powder coat which is oven baked to give a hard wearing neutral attractive finish that will blend in with any interior colour interior.
The finished assembly can be trimmed in leather or vinyl or left as is. The hinge mechanism is gold zinc plated for a long lasting finish and is supplied with suitable fasteners and nylon washers that give a smooth operation. Assembly of the bed as shown below should take around one hour.
It is designed to sit on a flat 9mm plywood floor with an overlay of carpet, vinyl or laminate flooring.

This seat bed does not include foam cushions and will need to be upholstered.

* This seat  is designed to sit on top of approx 16-18mm of flooring. We always lay 9mm of plywood or MDF on top of the steel floor, followed by either laminate flooring or thick carpet adding approx another 9mm


Additional information

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 135 x 50 x 40 cm