If you are not using Bay Window rear hubs on
your Split Bus IRS conversion these shocks are
for you. They are designed to work on any
vehicle and are ideal if you are using a Solid
Axle or Beetle IRS.

The 90 degree rotated top mount, allows shocks to work without binding under varying height conditions. Binding can happen if you try and use your original Split bus upper shock mounts on a moderately lowered or a slammed bus. If this happens you will “bend” the shocks and destroy the oil seals on any bus lowered more than 50mm because the shock upper to lower mount arc Geometry will have changed.

There are no fitting instructions with these shocks as their location will vary according to the system you are installing and your ride height. These shock mounts come with reinforcing backing plates and all the required fasteners.

Please read our article on Shock Absorbers on page 11 of our online catalogue.
Cracked chassis rails only happen one way.
When your shock bottoms out and you have
no working suspension. Be warned !

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm