We offer a wide range of Brake kit applications to upgrade your 1949-1970 bus system. We recommend the installation of Disc Brakes on the front of your vehicle and suggest this should be the first modification you make on your bus.

For your front end we offer a selection of CSP Front Disc Kits. We install them almost as standard on most buses we build here in our own workshop as they are excellent quality and tried and tested. They are available in 205 and 130 pcd . We can also offer them in other pcd’s as a “special order’ using our own billet hubs drilled to your specification.

For your Rear end, we offer a choice of Drums or Discs. For most applications, drums are fine and will stop most vehicles without any problems if you have discs on the front. However as more and more powerful engines are finding their way into buses, so the need for rear discs increases. With this in mind, we have decided to produce more of our Rear Disc kits during 2009. Click on the individual Brake pages to decide which system will suit you best.

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