During our 15 years of manufacturing Safari Windows, we have constantly strived to make ours the best available. We have manufactured them in Steel, Brass and Stainless, but we have settled with what we beleive to be the best product available with our extruded Aluminium frames. The reason is simple. They are the most torsionally rigid frames ever made and they will never rust. Their internal channel that no other manufacture offers, reduces flexing which helps reduce the chance of leaks as well as helping to prevent glass breakages. Our frames also have a more authentic profile than any competitors frames as well as perfect joint alignment due to the internal alignment system. All brackets are stainless steel as is the hinge so no part can rust. Our hinge is perfect with the correct knuckle distance and has exact hole spacing and radiused corners as per the original, even the hinge pin is stainless. to prevent rust marks. We can even on request, offer the original style captive nut plate (yes, in stainless with stainless fitting screws) for securing the safaris although we do not supply it as standard as it requires drastic cutting of your windscreen appeture to insert it. Most customers do not want to do this.

Our catches leave all others way behind. Ours are 100% stainless and to date with several thousand made, we have never had one snap. Most competitors use alloy ones that snap regularly. Ours are investment cast to the exact profile of an original and polished to a high lustre finish. Any part of our catch is interchangeable with an original catch. Also included in the kit are polished stainless steel slides, wiper disengages which are also stainless and the important “one eyed duck”. All fasteners , inner and outer brackets (mild steel for welding), self tappers (zinc plated for longevity) clips, seals and glass* are included in the kit as standard. You don’t need to buy anything else just get fitting!