Creative Engineering are pleased to offer our own front beam adjustors for type 2 bus. We have used this type of adjustor on our own shop built buses for almost 10 years as well as supplying several thousand of them to our customers and other dealers. We have gone to great trouble having the locking bolts manufactured for us not only the correct shape but also to our specified hardness as standard grades are to brittle. It is vital that these bolts are never hit with a mallet or a hammer during installation . Use an old wheel bolt to free up your central boss. The lock bolt should never be over tightened either. Only tighten by hand with a standard size spanner.

We believe that if adjustors are being fitted, they should be installed to both top and lower torsion tubes so both springs can be adjusted equally. We do not believe that fitting a single adjustor to the top beam makes logical sense, as one spring will be made stiffer and will have to work harder than the other spring. We supply two complete adjustors, one for each tube. This does mean removal of the steering boss but this job only takes about 15 minutes and we show clearly how to do this. They are designed to work equally well with either Splitscreen or Bay window buses without modification. Once fitted height adjustment of approximately 5 inches can be achieved.

DAVES TIP It is vital you fit the correct length of shock absorber after you have set the vehicle at ride height you want. You should not buy a shock until ride height is established. If you change your ride height after you have fitted new shocks, you may need to change your shocks again .

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