On Split screen buses fitted with King and Link pin front beams, the ride comfort is dependant on fitting the correct length shock absorber. Most bad rides on Splits are not due to the fact the bus is lowered, they are due to the wrong length shock being fitted. Too long or to short can destroy the ride and the shock itself. Selecting the correct length is vital. If someone try’s to sell you a shock without asking you to supply measurements, you can be sure they know nothing about building vehicles. This is because there is no such thing as a one size fits all “lowered shock” as no two buses are the same height. The lower your bus the shorter your shock is likely to be. The shorter the shock the shorter the stroke. (The distance between the shock being fully open and fully closed.) If you have a shock with only 65mm of stroke and you put it on half closed, you will only have approx 30mm of travel which is not enough and will result in a destroyed shock and a terrible ride. As a guide you need the majority (75%) of your shocks stroke available for upward travel. (Shock closing) You need a minimum of travel of 60mm even on the lowest bus.

Creative Engineering were the fist company to have a shock specifically designed and built for the bus in 10 different lengths. We had Spax build us our own shock to our design with a special softer valve than their standard sports valve which gives too firmer ride on the lowest setting. We also have our valve fitted with a knurled adjustor knob so you do not have to use a screwdriver when your struggling to get under a lowered bus. The adjustor gives 22 settings from soft to rock hard so you can dial it in to suit your requirements.

If you are lowering your bus and it has an anti roll bar, do not bother refitting it. It was put there to stop body roll as the bus evolved and got faster. When a bus is lowered extra loading on the springs means a slightly firmer ride and this combined with a quality adjustable shock and a lower centre of gravity, means less body roll. Provided you don’t go to extremes, It can actually improve the ride. This does not mean a rock solid ride that takes your fillings out, just a more positive ride just like having an anti roll bar.

Do not buy your shocks until all suspension modifications have been made and you have set the vehicle up at the ride height you require.
The bus should be finish built with all final weight added. Engine and interior must be installed. If you buy your shocks before completion, they may well be totally useless when your bus is finished.

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