If you want better fuel economy and higher top speed together with a more modern feel, this is the way to go. If your reduction boxes are shot, nows the time to think about IRS. By fitting late any CV jointed Bug transmission and any Bay bus drive shafts (not automatic ones) you can bin that old bus tranny and reduction boxes. You use either 68-69 hubs if your after the 205mm large bolt pattern, or 70-79 bus hubs if your going to change wheels. You MUST use 68-69 swing arms and spring plates whatever hubs you fit. We recommend you only use original 68-69 VW swing arms or our own new CDS jig welded replica swing arms if you cant find original parts. We do not recommend shorten or modified later arms. That’s where the problems start. This kit takes the uncertainty about an IRS conversion. It is essential that correct geometry is established to stop excessive wear on CV joints and bushes , not to mention ripping off brackets when the job is not done correctly. Do not be misled by others who advise trailing arm brackets to be fitted last and welded where they fall ! You build a chassis with correct suspension points first and then fit the parts! The new chassis legs enable the correct placement of swing arms. The minimum required parts you will require from ourselves are 1pr of chassis legs, 1 pair of shock mounts and I would recommend the bolt kit which contains some fine thread metric bolts that are difficult to obtain even in Europe

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