At last feel safe driving your bus. Junk that 100 year old technology and say good by to boat steering. We offer the most precise steering you can imagine. Our rack and pinion conversion kits are designed to replace your old worn out old steering box and give your bus the feel of a modern car. Several years of development hasteeringkitjpgfront.jpgve gone into this range of kits to make them the safest and best designed conversion in the world.

After testing many production car racks and having several “specials” manufactured for us, we decided the only way to get a perfect product was to design our own rack to fit within the confines of the vehicles chassis without any modifications. It had to be manufactured to the highest quality for safety and performance, so we asked the countries top specialist rack manufacturer who’s clients include McClaren, Caterham as well as many of the Europes top motor sport teams. The result is a rack that will give you incredibly responsive steering with minimal slack. With a carefully selected ratio, you will discover the slightest movement of the steering wheel will give immediate response at the wheels.

The other parts in our kits, such as the steering shafts, drive couplings and bevel boxes are produced by one of Europe’s most respected Steering Component manufacturer’s with 30 years experience. With a combined experience of over 70 years, our three companies can offer you a system like no other.

These kits are bolt in applications requiring only minimal triming of your bus to accomodate. No welding is required * and installation should only take approximately four hours. We include photographic step by step fitting instructions. Although not difficult, we do advise that installation is only carried out by an experienced automotive engineer.