During the last 15 years we have notched up over a dozen top end full restorations and unique customs Split Buses. Add the many more “part builds” and 10 years previous experience building top end American Street Rods, and we probably have more experience in building modified vehicles than any other UK VW company. The big advantage with this is that we know our parts inside out and can advise you if you need help. We know what works and what will not and more importantly why !

In a Global World where cheap third world Imports flood every market, and everyone is selling the same mediocre products, we work hard to offer something special. Our range of front end parts may not be the least expensive on the market but we believe they are the best designed and best quality available.

By manufacturing our own products in the UK , we can control our quality. The machine shops we use all have years of experience manufacturing Race Car parts, Aircraft and Defence work. All materials are correct quality and fully traceable. You do not get this with cheap imports.

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