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Our own replica Stainless steel Quarter Lite. Extensive testing and checking means our QLs fit ours and Original frames* correctly.        *in good condition and correct shape

Each Quarter Lite frame comes complete with….

QL frame – polished

Upper fitting kit

Lower fitting kit


Chrome catch

Rivets for catch


Weve learnt a lot about Quarter Lites over the last 2 years.

When we started making the Front Door frames we  studied and measured several excellent  rust free original Door frames. We noticed there were very slight differences between them but only approx 1.0mm +/-. Nothing to worry about.  When we looked at the Quarter lites we struggled to find two identical ones. Variations were up to 2.5mm. including the lower stud which is critical to get a consistant fit in the main frame. We used the best QL frame we had that was in original paint, no rust and never had the glass removed. It fitted all the original frames and our own frames.  We have jigged from this QL and all our own repro QL’s are identical to it. That means if you buy our new Door Frames with our new Quarter Lites, you get a perfect fit. If you use your original QL you may get a perfect fit or you may need to tweek it a touch.

More worrying, we purchased a pair of the Eastern made QL replicas in polished stainless steel and discovered the lower stud/hinge was welded 4mm in the wrong position making it impossible to fit either our frame or a original one correctly. We like you would , assumed because they looked a nicely made part, that they would fit OK.  Unless thats been corrected, keep away from them !  If you have them and try and fit them into our frames, do not blame us for the fit  !

Additional information

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions35 × 18 × 6 cm